An experienced European Chef, with a flair for international cuisine, prepares exotic dishes from around the world. On several occasions we let you taste different food from well known locations.

The Main Restaurant
The day starts with a buffet table laden with goodies. Oven fresh croissants, Danish pastry and bread will be available with their appetizing aroma. It would be hard to resist.

Lunch and dinner buffets are just as sumptuous – giving you the freedom of choice. The dishes are carefully selected by the chef, who knows how exciting food can be and never lets get bored. The dishes always vary.

One night per week is dedicated to Maldivian cuisine. Observed as the Maldivian Night, this is when you will be introduced to the world of curries and spicy tropical food. This is the time for you to get dressed in traditional Maldivian outfit, by wearing sarongs and wrap around skirts. It’s great fun a treat for the palate. The grand finale lies in the music afterwards. The traditional Maldivian Bodu beru (Big Drum) will keep you dancing or at least tapping your feet, until the exciting tempo of the drums reach a shattering climax.

The Dolphin Grill
Open during the evenings, the Dolphin Grill is the place to go if you wish to grill those lobsters and crabs that you saw when you went snorkelling earlier in the day. Or if you yearning for a good juicy steak, choice cuts of fine meats are readily available. Grilled fresh Maldivian fish is also served at the Dolphin, which is situated just a few steps away from the beach. If you wish to have that grilled food outside at the beach, the staff will gladly accommodate your request. During the day the Dolphin Restaurant serves as a Coffee Shop. You can choose between crispy Pizza’s, various sandwiches or other light snacks served all day long. Even if you missed your breakfast, you can order you late sleeper breakfast for a small surcharge.

A night out
The Lotus Restaurant in the neighbouring island of Veligandu Huraa that offers Chinese, Indonesian, Sri Lankan and Indian cuisine, gives you the opportunity to dine out in style and according to your choice. Make a booking with your waiter and walk in the moonlight across the bridge to the Lotus Restaurant which offers the best of Asian cuisine. Situated right next to the sea, the sound of waves crashing against the sea wall and the foamy white tips of he waves whets your appetite like nothing else could.

The Main Bar
The Main Bar offers the opportunity for socialising and spending an evening filled with fun and laughter. The sea is right next door, the view outside is breathtaking. Sit and sip your drink while you keep an eye on the lagoon and the islands dotting the horizon. Your favourite drink and all classic cocktails will be mixed for you by our experienced barmen. The bar is open until the last guest leaves.

The Pavilion Bar
Situated on the jetty between Dhigufinolhu, Veligandu Huraa and Bushi it is easy to reach from all islands. All boats arrive and leave from this point so take the occasion to meet your friends before or after an excursion and enjoy one of our famous cocktails.